Selena Gomez with Zedd

The 22-year-old actress and singer, who has been working with the popular EDM DJ/producer (real name: Anton Zaslavski), was photographed holding hands with him while heading to a Golden Globes afterparty. She was rocking a white KaufmanFranco dress with a plunging neckline and cut-outs (va-va-voom!) while clutching the music maker’s hand as they followed her […]

Michael Barber Releases Song, Label Retracts It, Then Releases It Again…Barber’s Label Days Seem Over

Rapper/Producer Michael Barber has released his first single from his highly anticipated, Purple Aces Project, with a pop/rap song called, “She’s My Pennie Lane.” The song was released via Itunes over on Monday, and after selling enough to get the bootleggers going, Barber’s music collective, ECP had the song pulled from Itunes and the rips […]