Rabanales “93”

93 Single Artwork 500x500

Tennessee, home of country music and The Great Smoky Mountains. With a
wide range of scenery from music filled streets and cities to small
valley’s, there’s something each and all can find to fit their taste
in life. In 1993 The Wu-Tang Clan dropped their debut album. A Tribe
Called Quest drops the classic album Midnight Marauders, and a star
was born.

Hailing from Knoxville is up coming rapper Rabanales. With a knack for
the fine arts at a young age, great things have always been assumed.
Throughout his youth Rabanales spent much of his time watching rap
music videos, drawing, and reading. It was then at age sixteen a
younger Rabanales started freestyling, only to find it later leading
to an endless amount of opportunities. Fresh out of high school, he
attended Pellissippi State Community College before eventually
quitting to start writing raps in the pursuit of his new found dream.
Now, at age twenty-one, with three years of writing experience he
preps up to drop a slew of new material.

With major influences from Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, and Big Pun he
delivers a unique flow of his own. He’s got a fine, distinct cadence
with rhymes over a various amount of topics. His beats are top notch
as well, and much like his lyricism varies widely from 90’s Boom Bap
beats all the way to your modern day trap beats. His debut EP boasts
upon the 90’s Boom Bap beats for a great five song introduction,
lyrically ranging from all around boastfulness to a poetic formed
relationship track. The debut single “93” has Rabanales rapping over a
Golden Era reminiscent track focused on his past as well as paying
homage to The Souls of Mischief’s classic hit, “93 ’til Infinity”.

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