Michael Barber Releases Song, Label Retracts It, Then Releases It Again…Barber’s Label Days Seem Over

pennie-lane-flyerRapper/Producer Michael Barber has released his first single from his highly anticipated, Purple Aces Project, with a pop/rap song called, “She’s My Pennie Lane.”

The song was released via Itunes over on Monday, and after selling enough to get the bootleggers going, Barber’s music collective, ECP had the song pulled from Itunes and the rips on youtube. ECP stated the song had been released incorrectly by Itunes via Universal Music Group.

The song was then re-released by UMG on Itunes this week on Monday, and once again pulled from Itunes on Wednesday. The leaks on youtube have stayed up, and Barber tweeted about his continued frustration with the label that he has been begging to leave since last year.

The song is now up on Itunes for sure and the link is below, but it doesn’t seem that Barber or co-producer Mr. Bootlegs are supporting the release yet.

Interesting news from the eclectic producer Michael Barber, whose production credits include, Akon, Nappy Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Kia Shine, Mr. Magic (No Limit Records), Trick Daddy, and more.

The song sounds like a pop record, far away from anything we have heard before from the producer/rapper who is from Indiana. Barber has been slated to record with rock/metal producer, Josh Tifer (Deftones, Chemical Dependency), but there hasn’t been an official release yet.

“She’s My Pennie Lane” hit the Itunes chart at #33, and has sold 4,271 copies this week despite the retraction.