8 under-the-radar songs to hear now

The summer music season might be kicking into high gear with chart-topping records from Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Fifth Harmony, but here are eight recent, underplayed songs from breakout artists to hear right now.

Namie Amuro, “Mint”

She’s sold more albums in Japan than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kesha have sold in the United States combined, but chances are you’ve yet to hear a single track by J-Pop superstar Namie Amuro. The Japanese equivalent to Madonna, Amuro is one of the best-selling artists of all time in her native country, with each of her 12 original, full-length albums earning platinum certification (or higher) in Japan. Stateside, she’s yet to notch a single track on a major chart, though she recently recorded two albums almost entirely in English: 2013’s FEEL, for which she collaborated with Zedd, and 2015’s Genic,which includes production from David Guetta and SOPHIE.

After a short post-Genic break, the 38-year old unveiled a new EP last month, featuring “Mint,” a wonderfully whacky mix of electric, surf-rocking guitars, R&B chants, and a pulsating EDM breakdown showcasing the sonic bravura that makes J-Pop some of the most interesting music on the planet.

Little Boots, “Staring at the Sun” 

Over a decade ago, at the age of 16, Victoria Hekseth auditioned for the hit U.K. reality competition series Pop Idol. She made it all the way to the third round of tryouts, but was ultimately eliminated by producers before making it to the panel of judges, which then included Simon Cowell. Hekseth didn’t take no for an answer, however, and began releasing electropop music under the stage name Little Boots in 2008.

Three albums into her solo career (she recorded with the band Dead Disco before heading out on her own), Little Boots’ songs have appeared in major movies (“New In Town” was featured in Jennifer’s Body) and advertisements, but she’s yet to find major mainstream chart success in the United States.

Her new EP, Afterhours, builds a strong case for the industry making room for her on the airwaves, however. A two-track continuation of her 2015 concept album Working Girl, Afterhours’ standout track is the glistening, subtle banger “Staring at the Sun,” which seemingly resonates with inspiration from ’90s-era Kylie Minogue while adding a dash of cold, robotic Ladytron goodness. During an interview withNylon, Little Boots called Afterhours “the soundtrack for when the photocopier powers down and the office is locked up, and you want to find somewhere to let your hair down and forget about the day,” and never has an artist more accurately described a body of work.

Michael Barber & Matty Moe Moon Rocks

Rock & Rap fusion song with a guitar riff at the end that sticks in your head. Michael Barber and Matty Moe combined for an album and this song is solid example why underground music should still be taken serious. The project is filled with samples, but this song is a fresh take on a new sound with guitars and drums that rotate from 4-4 to 4-3 in time.

The rhymes aren’t about your typical rapper stuff, and the hook is as catchy a rock/rap song as I have heard.

Bishop Briggs, “The Way I Do”

Big bass, soulful organs, flickering finger snaps, electronic riffs; Bishop Briggs’ music incorporates familiar sounds, yet it defies classification when the young Londoner mixes it all together. The Brit’s latest single, “The Way I Do,” stomps along with a subdued fierceness, accompanied by angelic delivery from a voice that sounds like a lovechild from Ivy Levan and Jess Glynne.

COIN, “Talk Too Much” 

COIN’s “Talk Too Much” is a prime example of just how sweet indie alt-pop can sound when it’s done right. A little bit Vampire Weekend, a little bit HAIM, and a whole lot of fun, “Talk Too Much” is a spirited summer jam that’s sure to jump-start the early hours of your next rooftop party.

Kristin Kontrol, “White Street” 

Kristin Kontrol, otherwise known as Kristin Welchez, otherwise known as Dee Dee, leader of the all-female group Dum Dum Girls, took a break from her rocker roots to explore a variety of genres on her debut solo set, X-Communicate.

From stadium pop-rock to electronic dance music, X-Communicateshows off Kontrol’s comfort in switching genre gears from track-to-track without missing a beat. The LP’s standout tune, “White Street,” is an ’80s throwback that pulls inspiration from Kontrol’s best moments with the Dum Dum Girls (we hear those subtle guitars and echoey vocals!) while exploring an altogether new, synth-and-hand-claps sound that wouldn’t sound entirely out of place filling an arena or soundtracking your next viewing of a midsummer sunset.

BoA x Beenzino, “No Matter What” 

Twenty-nine-year old South Korean pop star BoA has sold millions of albums throughout Asia, the most successful of which, 2003’s Valenti, sold over 1 million copies in Japan.

Following a successful career in South Korea, BoA tried breaking into the U.S. market with an eponymous 2009 LP recorded entirely in English, featuring tracks produced by Bloodshy & Avant (“Did Ya”) and others previously discarded by Britney Spears (“Look Who’s Talking”). After the tune failed to catch on (it peaked at No. 127 on the Billboard 200), she again returned her focus on international territories, releasing several albums that charted in her native country.

Though her recent work skews more toward pop than dance, BoA’s new single, a collaboration with South Korean rapper Beenzino titled “No Matter What,” offers a grooveable, tropically-infused sound (think“What Do You Mean?” meets “I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix)”) that could throb through speakers at clubs around the world.

Alex Newell – “Need Somebody” 

You definitely know Alex Newell as Glee’s Unique Adams, but you probably don’t know the 23-year old actor recently released a stunning EP filled with some of the best dance tracks 2016 has to offer. Following the release of the five-track set, Newell wasted no time premiering his follow-up, throwback groove, “Need Somebody,” which bursts from your speakers with searing strings and sky-high vocals. Newell’s voice sounds right at home when compared to disco divas like Donna Summer, making his foray into music a welcome trip back in time for fans of the genre.

Online Ticket Scalping, Ticket Resale Sites should be ILLEGAL

Have you ever tried to get tickets (Twenty One Pilots) and then it’s a SOLD OUT show? Well, it’s probably only sold out on Ticketmaster, but then you can go on Stub Hub, Vivid Seats, Seat Geek, Ticket Liquidator, Cheap Tickets, etc and find tickets. Concerts get sold out really quick because these ticket resale sites buy up all the tickets and then resell them for 5 times the amount. How is this legal? Why is this okay? This just seems to hurt the fans, the venue, and the artists. Please COMMENT below about what you think.

Prince’s Remains Cremated, Private ‘Beautiful’ Ceremony Held

Prince’s remains have been cremated, and a small group of family and friends held a private ceremony to honor the music legend, his publicist said Saturday.

Yvette Noel-Schure said in a statement that Prince’s remains had been cremated without specifying when. His body was released to his family Friday afternoon after a Minnesota medical examiner performed an autopsy.

“A few hours ago, Prince was celebrated by a small group of his most beloved: family, friends and his musicians, in a private, beautiful ceremony to say a loving goodbye,” Noel-Schure said in the statement.

The “final storage” of Prince’s remains would remain private, but an announcement about a “musical celebration” is forthcoming, the statement said. Continue reading

Janet Jackson cancels European tour dates

Janet Jackson will not be heading to Europe as part of her Unbreakable world tour.

According to an e-mail from Ticketmaster to ticket-holding fans, all purchases regarding the singer’s already postponed U.K. and European tour will be refunded.

“It’s not possible to confirm new date at the present time,” the e-mail, obtained by Spin, explained. The tour dates, which included concerts in Germany, France, Denmark and Belgium, have been removed from her website and Ticketmaster.

Jackson has not released a statement regarding the canceled dates as of Wednesday morning.

Last year, the “No Sleeep” singer postponed her North America leg of the tour to undergo surgery. “It breaks my heart to tell you that I am forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring,” she said at the time. “Every date will be rescheduled. Please hold on to your tickets. They will be honored in a special way when the new schedule is announced.”

She is set to perform at the Dubai World Cup in late March.

Joey Feek dies after long cancer battle

Joey Marie Feek was ready — she was peaceful and accepting, believing that it wasn’tGod’s will for her to be healed from the stage 4 cervical cancer she’d fought off and on for nearly two years.

Feek, 40, lost her battle with cancer at 2:30 p.m. CT Friday afternoon.

“I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed I’d discover I was healed,” Feek said in November. “But I realized I was healed in a different way. I was healed in my relationship with Christ, because it just drew me closer.”

“Children are never ours,” Feek’s mother, June Martin, said tearfully during her daughter’s illness. She also lost her son, Justin, in a car accident in 1994. “God just lends them to us for a while. I believe that. Don’t be angry. It’s easy to be. I have been a couple of times. It’s his call. He is in charge. We’re all given a day to die. None of us are going to live forever.”

Country music fans first met Feek in 2008 — she and husband Rory comprised Grammy-nominated duo Joey+Rory, which placed third on the inaugural season of CMT’s reality talent search Can You Duet. Their debut single, “Cheater, Cheater,” climbed to No. 30 on Billboard’s country radio airplay charts, and they were named spokespeople for Overstock.com.

They released seven albums, including Hymns That Are Important To Us which topped Billboard’s Country Albums sales chart in February. The couple also hosted the popularThe Joey+Rory Show on RFD-TV. And many mornings, she made the quick drive from their Pottsville, Tenn., farmhouse to Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse, the restaurant near Columbia that she operated with her sister-in-law, Marcy Gary.

But it was through her illness that she garnered worldwide interest. Rory Feek shared stories on his blog, www.thislifeilive.com, of her faith and integrity in the face of death. Her story went viral and millions read of the singer’s unwavering dedication to God, her daughter and her family.

“I’m a middle-aged woman living up north on Long Island, NY and cannot be called a country music fan,” wrote Michele Citrin. “I’ve only gotten to know Joey and Rory thru the stories … online. I cannot tell you how much their lives and their journey has touched me these recent weeks. I’ve prayed and asked the patron saint of my local Catholic Church to give Joey and her family strength.”

Before she died, Feek said God decided for her that “my job of singing for people down here is my legacy, and he needs me singing up there.”

Token: Sh*ts on Beats and Back in the Day Would Sh*t His Pants

Token MC

Well if you haven’t heard of Boston area MC, Token, then you probably haven’t heard his song or the best part, that he use to get wasted in high school and poop his pants. It seems this was something that would happen about weekly, usually on the weekends when Token aka Ben Goldberg, would get what some people call, “white girl wasted.”

Token is only 17, and it appears that this happened last year so granted he was only 16 so barely out of his pull-ups for real though.

It seems that an ex-girlfriend or maybe just a jealous old late night creep buddy has all the evidence which includes pictures and videos. Now we aren’t TMZ so why in the F would we buy these pictures? Well we actually might, but the former “clean up lady” for Token never contacted us back!

Now we grabbed up Token’s bio from his website, and we hope that you guys can go peep him because he does actually have some nice bars. He sounds like he grew up listening to way too much Eminem and Mac Miller, but hey what else is a white boy from Boston going to listen to, Kid Rock? Well maybe, but we don’t think this Pamper and Beer MC was listening to any Kid Rock!

“Ben Goldberg, known by his stage name Token, grew up north of Boston, MA. At a young age Ben was introduced to hip-hop and by the age of 6, began writing down his thoughts and emotions from events in his life and expressing himself through poetry. At the age of 10, Ben began putting melody to these lyrics and recording these poems as raps. What had started out as an outlet of expression soon became his passion. Rather than hanging out with friends as most kids his age were doing, Ben stayed at home continuously perfecting his craft and developing his artistry under his now known stage name “Token”.