For “Time To Build” in 1995, JAY Z, DMX and Ja Rule linked up for what would be the group Murder Inc. A few major records were released with plans of releasing a full-length project but, as we all know, it never happened. Sad face.

Nearly 20 years later at Def Jam’s 30th

anniversary concert, Ja Rule speaks with MTV’s Rob Markman about the situation:

“We tried to deliver that album. It was a situation where egos all just played a part in its demise. We couldn’t get X and Jay in the same room, from long ago, their storied battle on the pool table, guns out [and] all of that. That carried over into our careers and we were all trying to do our thing separately and it carried over. It was hard to get all of us into a room to do what we needed to do.”

Not news to us, but Ja went a little past what he should of said and stated that their was songs that we have yet to hear from the group.

“We did a few records together and those records will always be classics to a lot of people in the history of hip-hop. I wish that album would’ve came to fruition, it would’ve been real dope. I think there might be one– one or two joints that’s still out there that you haven’t heard…. Gotti got ‘em.”


Freddie Gibbs Survives Shooting in Brooklyn

Freddie Gibbs nearly lost his life last night during a shooting that took place after his concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show actually went off without incident on Tuesday evening (Nov 3) at the Rough Trade record store. Following the successful performance, Gibbs was in a black SUV parked at North 9th Street near Wythe Avenue. That’s when a lone gunman fired multiple shots at Gibbs and two people with him. Gibbs’ DJ reportedly suffered a minor leg wound and another victim was struck in the hand.

According to police, the shooting took place at 1:13 a.m. and no arrests were made in the case. Freddie’s crew members are reportedly in stable condition at Bellevue hospital in New York.

“They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me,” Gibbs told The Post outside the club. “I’m still alive.”

Check out Freddie’s first Instagram post after the shooting below…

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Teddy Riley Grills Soulja Boy Over Dating His Daughter on LHHH

Soulja Boy was slammed with hard-hitting questions from his girlfriend’s father and legendary producer Teddy Riley on this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Soulja, who has been on and off with girlfriend Nia Riley, met her father for the first time on the episode. Riley, who is credited with the birth of New Jack Swing, explained to the ATL rapper that he’s had his same notoriety in his heyday, which makes him question the rapper’s intentions with his daughter.

“I’ve been in the business almost 27-28 years, ” he said. “I’ve lived that life. I’ve done it. So living it, I can tell every move that a man would make because I’ve done that.”

He also brought up Soulja Boy’s past issues of women video taping him while he was asleep or allegedly under the influence of drugs. Soulja goes on to explain that his past is much different from his future and explained his devotion to his daughter.

“I’ve made mistakes when I was younger,” he said. “But with the type of position I’m in it shouldn’t be a problem. My whole focus is on the album, on making this money and coming back to her and making sure she’s happy.”

There were reports that Nia and Soulja split, but their social media accounts proved that those rumors were wrong as the two were seen spending time with each other over the weekend.

Check out what fans had to say about Riley grilling the rapper above.

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Gucci Mane Details “Impacting the Universe” in Letter to Fans

Gucci Mane spoke out to eagerly awaiting fans in a heartfelt letter from prison, where he detailed his future business plans and his eagerness to stay sober. The “Lemonade” rapper also candidly told fans that “I’m physically incarcerated but spiritually & mentally I’m free as ever.”

The Atlanta rapper was sentenced to an additional three years in prison in September, which was tacked on to his 39-month sentence for carrying a loaded handgun and possession of marijuana. You can check out Gucci’s full letter to his fans in the above slide.

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Michael Barber Releases Song, Label Retracts It, Then Releases It Again…Barber’s Label Days Seem Over

pennie-lane-flyerRapper/Producer Michael Barber has released his first single from his highly anticipated, Purple Aces Project, with a pop/rap song called, “She’s My Pennie Lane.”

The song was released via Itunes over on Monday, and after selling enough to get the bootleggers going, Barber’s music collective, ECP had the song pulled from Itunes and the rips on youtube. ECP stated the song had been released incorrectly by Itunes via Universal Music Group.

The song was then re-released by UMG on Itunes this week on Monday, and once again pulled from Itunes on Wednesday. The leaks on youtube have stayed up, and Barber tweeted about his continued frustration with the label that he has been begging to leave since last year.

The song is now up on Itunes for sure and the link is below, but it doesn’t seem that Barber or co-producer Mr. Bootlegs are supporting the release yet.

Interesting news from the eclectic producer Michael Barber, whose production credits include, Akon, Nappy Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Kia Shine, Mr. Magic (No Limit Records), Trick Daddy, and more.

The song sounds like a pop record, far away from anything we have heard before from the producer/rapper who is from Indiana. Barber has been slated to record with rock/metal producer, Josh Tifer (Deftones, Chemical Dependency), but there hasn’t been an official release yet.

“She’s My Pennie Lane” hit the Itunes chart at #33, and has sold 4,271 copies this week despite the retraction.